Seadrill Limited (SDRL) emerges from Chapter 11 on 22 February 2022

Restructuring highlights:

  • $5 billion deleveraging
  • $350 million of new money
  • Significantly simplified structure from 12 silos of secured debt into one single silo

New legal entity structure

The following diagram outlines the future legal entity structure for the post C11 Seadrill Limited Group indicating some financing features of the Group. Each of the key holding companies (NSNCo and the Seabras Sapura group) has a number of subsidiaries. 

Seadrill Limited – Post-emergence simplified legal structure

Notice of the liquidation of old Seadrill Limited

Notice of the liquidation of old Seadrill Limited (Bermuda company number 53439) (“the Company”): This document provides notice to all former contributors of the dissolution of the Seadrill Limited legal entity in existence prior to emergence from restructuring.

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Seadrill Limited Plan Confirmation Order

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